Month: November 2019

A Whole New World

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After being delayed a week because of paperwork issues, my first day was yesterday evening, and it went really well! I met a whoooole lot of people (ask me if I remember more than two of them — I don’t), and toured the hotel. Honestly, I’m worried about navigating it on my own, but luckily I won’t be doing that for the next few shifts.  The evenings seem to be pretty relaxing; the traffic is […]

Achievement Unlocked

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The Hotel

Great news! After very, very little job hunting (and a whole lot of procrastinating), I have a job! It all happened pretty fast; I applied on Monday, got a phone interview Tuesday, and then had an in-person interview and the job on Thursday! A huge happy birthday to me! I start next week, and I’m super excited. My position is “lounge attendant” at Prism Hotel — I imagine it’ll be super laid back and I’ll […]